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How To Make High-Quality Coffee At Home Using Hand Roasted Coffee Beans

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Coffee is one of the most common beverages consumed by people globally. One main thing that affects flavor, aroma, and caffeine content is the coffee roasting technique.

While many ways to roast coffee result in great coffee, hand roasted coffee beans are becoming more popular. Hand roasting, as the name suggests, does not involve using machines but refers to the manual process.

Expert coffee roasters make hand roasted coffee in small batches. However, you can hand roast your coffee beans at home using the following process.

Gather Your Coffee Beans

Like any other roasting technique, this roasting technique requires that you start with green coffee beans. These beans are usually processed and dried.


Roasting coffee beans helps eliminate carbon dioxide, steam, carbon monoxide, and other volatiles. Add your beans to a pan and place it over the fire, increasing the temperature steadily from around 180 degrees C to around 250 degrees C.

Everybody has a different level of desired roast. One of the main ways to tell the roast level is by looking at the color. As they absorb heat, the color changes progressively to different and deeper shades of brown. You will also notice that the beans get some oil on the surface at the later roasting stages.

Another way to tell is by listening for a crack which happens as the beans expand from the heat. The first crack happens when the external temperatures are high, indicating a light roast.

If you continue roasting and the internal temperatures reach around 224 degrees C, there will be a second crack. This indicates that you have achieved a dark toast, and the structure has become more brittle.

If you can't roast your coffee at home, you can get it from a reputable store. One Team one Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company that sells high-quality coffee blends from hand roasted coffee beans. Visit to view available blends or order online.